Research Area

Farm Mechanization

Design of farm machinery; Simulation and CNC machine-based fabrications of agri-machinery; Design, development, testing, and dissemination of appropriate machinery for sustainable mechanization.

Postharvest processing

Value-added processing of agro-products; Online grading and storing system for horticultural crops; Design, field test, and dissemination of sustainable improved drying and storage systems.

Smart Agriculture

Nondestructive (machine vision, spectroscopy, and hyperspectral technique) sensing for quality evaluation of agricultural products; Agricultural robot for the crop, livestock, and fish production; Navigation and guidance system for farm machinery; UVA- for yield mapping, variable rate applications; E-advise system for agricultural machinery; Control environment engineering

Alternate Energy

Renewable fuel production (biogas, syngas, biodiesel, etc), Solar energy applications for mechanized agriculture.