Publication of the Department - Farm Power and Machinery

Conference proceedings (02):

Dr.Chayan Saha,  Md. Sanaul Huda, Md. Anisur Rahman, Dr. Henrik Moller, 
Dr. Md. Monjurul Ala

1. Chayan Kumer Saha, Md. Monjurul Alam, Md. Sanaul Huda, Rajesh Nandi, Md. Anisur Rahman, Md. Rafiqul islam and Md. Jahiruddin. (2017): Biogas Technology: A Sustainable Solution of Renewable Energy and Bio-fertilizer in Bangladesh . RUET.

2. Chayan Kumer Saha, Md. Sanaul Huda, Md. Anisur Rahman, Henrik Moller and Md. Monjurul Alam. (2016): Biogas Production from Animal Manure and Poultry Litter in Bangladesh. CIGR Conference Held in Aarhus University, Denamrk.

Research papers (04):

1. M S Huda, M A Satter, M H Islam, S T Chowdhury and M Ali (2016). A Study on the Assessment of Improved Potato Storage Facilities in Bangladesh. Journal of Agricultural Machinery and Bio-resources Engineering. 7(1) 17-23

2. R Nandi, C K Saha, M S Huda and M M Alam (2017). Effect of mixing on biogas production from cow dung. Eco-friendly Agril. J. 10 (2) 07-13.

3. M. Alam, A. Kundu, M. A. Haque and M S Huda (2017). Design and Development of A Pull Type Four Row Urea Super Granule Applicator.  Journal of AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION IN ASIA, AFRICA AND LATIN AMERICA. 48(4) 82-87.

4. M H Ali , M H Islam, M S Huda and M R Ali. (2018). Arsenic removal from drinking water using wood charcoal. Fundam Appl Agric. 3(3) 591–595